Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Journey Back to Basics

I had full intentions this year of bursting out of my shy little blogging bubble and taking on the blogesphere by storm. Except when it came to writing the articles, I was stuck. Not with ideas, trust me- I have an over abundance of those. But I just didn't want to write them. They were uninspiring, forced, and while the content may have been good-I know anyone reading them would have seen my lack of interest in the first sentence and given up on me. I couldn't do that to my readers, and even more so I couldn't do that to myself. 

So I switched gears, and went 'back to basics'. I've been doing that a lot this year so far. So much in fact, that I've realized much of what I have built up to in the last few years, I've knocked down in the matter of days and gone back to exactly where I started. And the truth of the matter is- I couldn't be happier that I have!
It seems so counterproductive, but the truth is, sometimes you need to fail to succeed. And sometimes you need to try everything to realize how much you love what you already have.
I've experienced the rain [ok it was more like a tornado meets blizzard] and I've realized how beautiful simplicity truly is. So this is my new journey. Back to Basics. Back to a time of simple ideas, simple inspiration, simple thinking. Join me. Laugh with [or at] me. And find your own sunshine among the chaos. <3